International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)

As a legacy of the first global conference on science advice to governments co-organised by ICSU in Auckland, New Zealand in August 2014, the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) was formed.

2nd International Conference on Science Advice to Governments in Brussels, September 2016. Photo: © European Commission

INGSA’s mission is to provide a forum for policy makers, practitioners, academies, and academics to share experience, build capacity and develop theoretical and practical approaches to the use of scientific evidence in informing policy at all levels of government.

The INGSA secretariat operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor in New Zealand under the aegis of the International Council for Science as the founding partner. ICSU acts as a trustee of INGSA funds and provides validation of its strategy and governance arrangements.

INGSA has established regional chapters for Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen INGSA’s international reach. The three INGSA regional chapters are coordinated by the ICSU regional offices. Their aim is to strengthen science advisory capacity in developing countries, by raising awareness, sharing knowledge and practices, supporting training, and research.

ICSU and INGSA successfully applied for funding to the International Development Research Center (IDRC) for a three-year project (2017-2019) aiming to create the competencies and conditions for better use of science-based evidence to inform public policy, especially around the SDGs. As part of this project, INGSA will run regional workshops, training, and research grants.