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      IBRO, International Brain Research Organization

      IBRO is an ICSU member since 1993.

      The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) was founded in 1960 in response to the growing demand from scientists in many countries and different disciplines for the creation of a central organization for the better mobilization and utilization of the world’s scientific resources for research on the brain. IBRO, having been a Scientific Associate of ICSU since 1976, was accepted as a Scientific Union Member in 1993.
      The general objectives and goals of IBRO are:

      to foster throughout the world fundamental scientific research contributing to an understanding of the brain, both normal and abnormal;
      to promote international collaboration and worldwide education in brain research;
      to work through and with existing organizations to help in reaching their own particular objectives and to solicit their aid in the objectives of IBRO.
      Over the years, IBRO has set up a number of active programmes to stimulate international contacts in brain research. Symposia and workshops are sponsored on the basis of competitive applications. Under the Publications Programme, IBRO publishes the journal Neuroscience and IBRO News. The IBRO Membership Directory is available on the website. IBRO offers post-doctoral fellowships and travel grants to students from less favoured countries. Since 1999, IBRO has sponsored Neuroscience Schools aimed at forming interactive networks among students and teachers during training courses in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

      In 2000, six Regional Committees were created to provide direct links with IBRO. Their particular roles are to devise education and training programmes that are suited to regional needs and utilize expertise from across the region, and to promote neuroscience careers for young researchers.
      The Regional Committees are the:

      Africa Regional Committee (ARC)
      Asian/Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)
      Central and Eastern Europe Regional Committee (CEERC)
      Latin America Regional Committee (LARC)
      US/Canada Regional Committee (US/CRC)
      Western Europe Regional Committee (WERC)
      In its new role as a World Federation, IBRO is at present representing the interests of about 51,000 neuroscientists in 111 countries in the world.

      Website of IBRO:
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