AASSA, Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia

AASSA is an ICSU member since 1986.

The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA) is a non-profit international organization with interests in science and technology. The principal objective of AASSA is to build a society in Asia and Australasia in which science and technology play a major role in the development of the region.

AASSA is a forum for scientists and technologists to discuss and provide advice on issues related to science and technology, research and development, and the application of science and technology for socio-economic development.

AASSA projects are jointly carried out with member Academies to pursue the followings:

To develop cooperation in the domain of science and technology and create a network of interdisciplinary and international contacts among academies in Asia and Australasia,
To provide advice on the role of science and technology in the national innovation systems of member countries,
To help initiate and conduct studies and research on scientific and technological issues, and their economic and social implications relevant to national development agenda of member countries,
To facilitate exchange of scientists and information among the AASSA countries in cooperation with international scientific organizations.
AASSA projects focus mainly on the following topics:

Sustainable Development in Asia (SDA)
Science Education in Asia and the Pacific (SEAP)
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
Science, Health, Agriculture, Risk and Environment (SHARE) Communication
Economic Advancement through Science, Technology and Innovation (EASTI)

Website of AASSA: