Where and when will the habitability limits of Earth be reached due to climate change? -COP23 Side Event

Climate change will shape changes in the natural and the human environment, which might exceed the limits within which some species, including humans, can adapt. Science must explore where and when habitability limits will be reached. On November 10, the International Council for Science in partnership with the World Climate Research Programme, Future Earth and UNECE will organise a side event at COP 23 to demonstrate scientific progress in this domain.

The event will start with a brief introduction on the subject, followed by topical presentations on the need of climate information for various societal sectors (10 min. each). A dialogue among speakers and audience will take place afterward.

Speakers include:

Time: 10 November 2017 (Friday) from 18:15 to 20:15
Location: Turkey Pavilion, the Bonn Zone at COP 23

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