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Jul 12, 2018
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Aligning NUPs with SDGs

International Science Council, Cities Alliance (JWP Cities in the Global Agendas), OECD, UN-Habitat, Global Challenges Research Fund UK, UNSDSN


Strengthening synergies in follow-up and review across all global agendas that speak to sustainable urbanisation is important to ascertain that interconnections are adequately considered. While the scope for adjusting the global follow-up and review architectures of the three principal agendas (SDGs, NUA, Paris Climate agreement) to more strongly emphasise synergies is limited, strengthening the participation of local and regional governments, local actors and global urban actors in the established forums, platforms and other processes can already make an important contribution to harnessing synergies.


Each local government should strive to develop a single plan that addresses all relevant agendas. Such local commitments should from the onset include indicators as well as concrete timeframes and responsibilities for follow-up and review, as better policy decisions and better outcomes at the local level are dependent on a better evidence base.


However, how can local and regional governments be encouraged to develop their own synergistic implementation plans for the main agendas?


The workshop will discuss with different stakeholder’s various approaches and guidelines to align current or potential NUPs with the SDGs. The participants will assess the extent to which NUP addresses SDG11 -and beyond, and determine other sectoral concerns, including: economic development, spatial structure, human development, environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing and climate resilience.