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      INGSA-AFRICA Chapter Steering Committee Holds Strategic Retreat in Uganda

      The Steering Committee of the Africa Chapter of International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA-Africa) held a 2-day strategic retreat in Kampala, Uganda, 22-23 August 2017.


      The strategic retreat which was sponsored by ICSU ROA and hosted by the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) was attended by all six members. The main objectives of the retreat were:
      1. To discuss and make input to the revised Terms of Reference and Mode of Operation of INGSA Regional Chapters.
      2. To determine and reach consensus on how INGSA-Africa operates within the bigger INGSA and ICSU ecosystem and ICSU-ROA in particular.
      3. To draw up a plan of activities, deliverables, and desired outcomes up to December 2018.
      The retreat ended successfully with tangible outcomes of valuable inputs to enrich the TOR and Mode of Operation of Regional Chapters and a consolidated workplan for the INGSA-Africa Chapter running till December 2018 to be submitted to the INGSA Secretariat and ICSU.

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