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World Data System (WDS)

The Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) is the governing body of the ICSU World Data System (ICSU WDS). The responsibilities of the Scientific Committee of the WDS (WDS-SC) are to develop and prioritize plans for the WDS, guide their implementation and publicize the results. ICSU WDS-SC is appointed by the ICSU Executive Board and abides by the Terms of Reference as approved by ICSU Executive Board.


  • Minster, Jean-Bernard (France)


  • Diepenbroek, Michael (Germany)
  • Genova, Fran├žoise (France)


  • Emerson, Claudia (Canada)
  • Harrison, Sandy (United Kingdom)
  • Hugo, Wim (South Africa)
  • Hunter, Jane (Australia)
  • Kopylov, Vasily (Russian Federation)
  • Li, Guoqing (China)
  • Neilan, Ruth (USA)
  • Rickards, Lesley (United Kingdom)
  • Shibasaki, Ryosuke (Japan)
  • Troisi, Ariel (Argentina)

Ex Officio

  • Moore, Howard (ICSU)
  • Murayama, Yasuhiro (NICT, Japan)

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