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Universality of Science

The universality of science in its broadest sense is about developing a truly global scientific community on the basis of equity and non-discrimination. It is also about ensuring that science is trusted and valued by societies across the world. As such, it incorporates issues related to the conduct of science; capacity building; science education and literacy; access to data and information and the relationship between science and society. There are a number of ICSU activities and Bodies addressing these issues. Underpinning this broader concept of universality is the Principle of the Universality of Science (ICSU Statute 5) which is more narrowly focused on the freedoms and responsibilities of science. Adherence to this Principle is a condition of ICSU membership. The policy Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS) serves as the guardian of the Principle and undertakes a variety of actions to defend scientific freedoms and promote integrity and responsibility.

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