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Science International website

Please note that Science International now has its own website at http://www.science-international.org/. These pages are being kept online for archiving purposes only.

Science International

Science International is a series of regular meetings of four top-level representatives of international science (the International Council for Science – ICSU, the InterAcademy Partnership – IAP, The World Academy of Sciences – TWAS and the International Social Science Council – ISSC) that are designed to represent the global scientific community in the international policy for science arena. The theme of Science International 2015, which took place from 7-9 December 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa, was 'Big Data/Open Data'.

The 2015 edition of Science International has developed an international accord on the values of open data in the emerging scientific culture of big data. The Accord recognises the need for an international framework of principles on “Open Data in a Big Data World” and proposes a comprehensive set of principles.

In the months ahead, Science International partners will promote discussion and adoption of these principles by their respective members and by other representative bodies of science at national and international levels. We will ask that these organizations review the accord and endorse it, and thereby provide further support in global policy venues for these constructive and vitally important principles.

If you are an organization wishing to endorse the principles laid out in this accord, please fill in this endorsement form.


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