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Road to 2018

At their joint meeting in Oslo in October 2018, the members of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC) agreed in principle to pursue a merger between the two organizations.

At the Oslo meeting, it was decided to establish two working groups for the next phase of the merger process, a Transition Task Force and a Strategy Working Group. The Transition Task Force will be tasked with developing, inter alia, new statutes and rules of procedure for the merged organization. The Strategy Working Group will prepare a high-level strategy for a new, merged organization. For detailed descriptions of the two group's tasks and their Terms of Reference, see the individual pages.

For detailed background information on the merger process, see this Gitbook that is being updated on a regular basis.


2015 Exchange of letters between the ISSC and ICSU Presidents on the future relationship between the two Councils
November 2015 Agreement reached on Terms of Reference for an ICSU-ISSC Working Group to explore closer institutional alignment, and possible amalgamation, between the two Councils.
January 2016 First meeting of the joint ICSU-ISSC Working Group
April 2016 Executive bodies of ISSC and ICSU follow the Working Group's recommendation for the two Councils to merge, and recommend this course to the Council's members
June 2016 Joint meeting of the ISSC and ICSU Executives
October 2016 Joint ICSU/ISSC General Assembly decides in-principle to pursue a merger
November 2016 Call for nominations for the Strategy Working Group and the Transition Task Force
December 2016 Strategy Working Group and Transition Task Force appointed by the Executives of ICSU and ISSC
February 2017 Strategy Working Group and Transition Task Force meet
end February 2017 Draft strategy submitted to Executives
end March 2017 Draft strategy submitted to ISSC and ICSU members
by early May 2017 Members submit feedback on draft strategy
May 2017 Strategy Working Group meeting or teleconference
June 2017 Final strategy submitted to Executives of ISSC and ICSU
July 2017 Final strategy and final outputs of the Transition Task Force submitted to members
October 2017 32nd ICSU General Assembly and extraordinary ISSC General Assembly to approve strategy and transition plans
October 2018 First General Assembly of the new organisation (TBC)
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