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Intergovernmental preparations

Intergovernmental Preparatory Meetings

As co-organising partner of the Scientific and Technological Community Major Group, ICSU participates in the intergovernmental preparatory meetings for Rio+20, providing official written input and participating actively in the discussions. ICSU is also organising side events at many of the meetings.

Such meetings take place at the global and regional levels:

  • Three global Intergovernmental Preparatory Committee Meetings (PrepComs) will be held in New York over 2011 and 2012, to develop the ideas and themes of the Rio+20 conference and to secure political commitment to the process. A series of global intergovernmental intersessional meetings will be held in between the Preparatory Meetings, also in New York.
  • Five Intergovernmental Regional Preparatory Meetings will be held in 2011, hosted by the five regional UN Economic and Social Commissions (ECA, ESCWA, ESCAP, ECE, ECLAC) in their respective regions (Africa, the Arab Region, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean).

The timeline for the Rio+20 intergovernmental preparatory process is as follows:

17-19 May 2010 PrepCom1 New York, US
10-11 Jan 2011 
First intersessional meeting New York, US
7-8 March 2011 
PrepCom2 New York, US
7-9 Sept 2011
Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting, ECLAC Santiago, Chile
10-14 Oct 2011 Africa Intergovernmental Regional Preparatory Meeting, ECA Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
16-17 Oct 2011 Arab Region Regional Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting, ESCWA
Cairo, Egypt
19-20 Oct 2011 Asia Pacific Intergovernmental Regional Preparatory Meeting, ESCAP Seoul, Republic of Korea
1-2 Dec 2011
Europe and N. America Intergovernmental Regional Preparatory Meeting, ECE Geneva, Switzerland
15-16 Dec 2011
Second intersessional meeting New York, US
25-27 Jan 2012
Initial discussions on the zero draft of outcome document New York, US
19-23 March 2012 'Informal' negotiations on the zero draft of outcome document New York, US
26-27 March 2012 
Third intersessional meeting New York, US
23 April – 4 May 2012 'Informal' negotiations on the zero draft of outcome document New York, US
13-15 June 2012
PrepCom3 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20-22 June 2012 Rio+20 conference

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


More information on the preparatory process for Rio+20 can be found on the official United Nations Rio+20 website.

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