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Strengthening international science for the benefit of society

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Science and Society: Rights and Responsibilities

Published: July 2005

From the Executive Summary

The relationship between science and society will centrally influence the directions and practices of science in the 21st century. In order to strengthen science for the benefit of society, scientists need to be responsive to the changing needs and concerns of society; and society, in turn, needs to understand and support the positive role of science. As the move towards a global knowledge economy gathers momentum, with an increasing premium on scientific knowledge and high technology, the time is ripe for a new international initiative that will advance the welfare of science as well as society. This report, from an international Review Panel, lays out a framework for considering science and society issues and proposes that ICSU take a lead role in addressing these issues at the international level by: 1) extending its remit for ensuring the universality of science, and 2) creating a new interdisciplinary Committee on Science and Society.

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