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Nominations are open for the COSPAR Awards
Nominations are open for the COSPAR Awards
Aug 05, 2015 The ICSU Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) bestows a number of medals and awards, in some cases jointly with other scientific institutions or space agencies. Nominations are open and must be received before 30 November 2015.
Scientists plot path to climate stabilization at pre-COP Paris science conference Jul 10, 2015
Emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases must eventually fall to zero to stabilize the global climate, according to scientists leading the biggest international climate science conference prior to the Paris UN COP meeting in December, which was co-organized by ICSU. But they also indicate cautious optimism that growing political momentum means the two degree Celsius climate upper limit is still within reach.
Climate science conference "Our Common Future" opens in Paris Jul 03, 2015
A major international climate science conference attended by almost 2000 academics gets underway in Paris today, to table the latest thinking on managing climate change and avoiding its worst impacts. ICSU is one of the co-organizers of the conference.
Science and the road to transformation after COP21: ICSU side event at UNESCO Jul 06, 2015
The International Council for Science (ICSU) convened a special event on the eve of a major climate science conference in Paris to explore the opportunities for transformation which will emerge after the conclusion of a global deal on reducing emissions in December this year.
New Scientific Committee and Chair appointed for ICSU World Data System Jul 03, 2015
The ICSU Executive Board approved the new membership at its April session. The committee will be chaired by Sandy Harrison, Professor of Palaeoclimates and Biogeochemical Cycles.
ICSU participates in key UN panels on science and the Sustainable Development Goals Jun 30, 2015
The annual session of the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), the deliberating body for sustainable development in the UN, takes place from 26 June to 6 July at the UN headquarters in New York. The theme of this year's session is "Strengthening integration, implementation and review – the HLPF after 2015". ICSU and its programmes are represented in several panels of the event.
New members of the Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science announced Jun 29, 2015
At its April session, the ICSU Executive Board approved the new members of the ICSU Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS). The committee will continue to be chaired by Leiv K. Sydnes of the University of Bergen, Norway, and the new members will take office from 1 October 2015.
Jenny Baeseman appointed SCAR Executive Director Jun 24, 2015
Dr Jenny Baeseman has just been hired as the new Executive Director of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Baeseman has been the Executive Director of the WCRP Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) project since 2012 and previous to that was the Founding Director of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).
2016 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement: Call for Nominations Jun 19, 2015
Submissions are due by 11 Sept 2015.
Science assessments and research integrity: reconcilable or antagonistic? Jun 15, 2015
At the recent 4th World Conference on Research Integrity, attended by around 500 participants from more than 50 countries on five continents, the ICSU Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS) organised a symposium on “Research assessment and quality in science.”
Ameenah Gurib-Fakim becomes President of Mauritius Jun 10, 2015
Gurib-Fakim, a chemistry researcher with a focus on medicinal plants, has previously served as Chair of ICSU's Regional Committee for Africa.
WMO Congress endorsing WCRP Grand Challenges Jun 09, 2015
At the 17th World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Congress on Friday 29th May, delegates reviewed the achievements of World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).
ICSU calls UN member states to support science and technology for the post-2015 development agenda May 29, 2015
ICSU delivered a statement on behalf of the Scientific and Technological Community at informal interactive hearings on the post-2015 development agenda at the UN headquarters in New York on 26-27 May, 2015. The statement was delivered during one of four Roundtable Discussions, this one on Means of Implementation and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.
Research integrity in science: why it matters May 21, 2015
On the occasion of its engagement at the forthcoming World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI), the ICSU Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS) emphasises the vitality of research integrity. CFRS will also organise a symposium on metrics and their impact on research integrity at the conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
3rd ICSU/ISSC/DFG Young Scientists Networking Conference starts in Menaggio, Italy May 25, 2015
This week 32 excellent early career researchers from across the globe will meet in Villa Vigoni together with a select group of senior experts to deliberate on the role of science in our society.
ICSU delivers statement at UN Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups May 20, 2015
Delivered during the ongoing Intergovernmental Negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda at the UN in New York, the statement highlighted the important role of science in setting up an effective review process for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.
Call for nominations for the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme's Science Committee May 11, 2015
Nominations are currently being sought for the governing body of this global, multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral initiative addressing challenges and risks brought on by natural and human-induced hazards in an integrated fashion.
Future Earth interim secretariat closes Apr 30, 2015
The interim secretariat of Future Earth has now completed its work and handed over all activities to the globally distributed Secretariat that will be in place for the next 10 years. It will close today.
ICSU Past-President Yuan-Tseh Lee attends Vatican climate change summit Apr 29, 2015
Former ICSU President Yuan-Tseh Lee attended a summit in the Vatican yesterday on the topic of “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity”. The goal of the meeting was to raise awareness and build a consensus that the values of sustainable development cohere with values of the leading religious traditions, with a special focus on the most vulnerable.
Science an important theme at post-2015 negotiations in New York Apr 28, 2015
ICSU, as one of the organizing partners of the Scientific and Technological Community Major Group, led a delegation of scientists to take part in a series of meetings, workshops and side events which took place at the UN in New York at and on the sidelines of the intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda.
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