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Why join the 'Online community'

If you join the ICSU ‘Online community’ you can:

  • Subscribe to receive ICSU’s newsletter ‘Insight’, which has been redeveloped to keep you up to date with:
    • our global and regional activities;
    • our latest publications;
    • consultations with the ICSU community;
    • applications and nominations (e.g. for ICSU committees) and
    • events from our Members.
  • Customise your dashboard (when you log in) so you can keep up to date with recent changes on the site, events, publications and more.
  • [coming soon] Comment on various sections of the new website (e.g. news items, publications)

The benefits will grow as the website evolves and new features are added over the coming months.

More about the new ICSU website


Please note: joining the 'Online community' is for individuals and does not constitute becoming a Member of ICSU. Membership to ICSU is open to organisations that meet the criteria as set out in the Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

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