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ROLAC Annual Report 2014

In this number, a special space is offered to the priority area of Disaster Risk Reduction.

The content is divided in seven parts:

  1. Scientific Priority Areas: Four members of ICSU ROLAC Committees prepared reports on each area: Mathematics Education, Sustainable Energy, Disaster Risk Reduction and Biodiversity
  2. ICSU ROLAC and the Future Earth programme
  3. ICSU ROLAC and the Young Scientists crosscutting strategy
  4. ICSU Grants Programme: the projects granted for 2014
  5. Reaching Out: Events and activities carried on with the ICSU Family, ICSU Scientific Unions, ICSU National Members and other International Organizations
  6. ICSU ROLAC Governance: the composition of the Regional Committee, reports on the Regional Committee Meetings (RCLAC15 and RCLAC16),the composition of the Secretariat, the Financial Summary of the Regional Office and ROLAC's Communications strategy
  7. The International Council for Science: This section offers basic information of ICSU such as the Benefits of joining, a list of its Interdisciplinary Bodies and a list of its current Members (National, Unions and Scientific Associates)

Through all the booklet you will find new friendly charts and graphics so the explanation is richer and easier.

So, please, go on and download it; read it, and let us know what you think about it.

If you would like to receive printed copies, contact Angélica Bucio (ICSU ROLAC Communications Officer).

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