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Manuel Limonta visited the Cinvestav in Mexico City

On Friday, 1st April 2011 Manuel Limonta visited Marco Meraz Ríos, Fernando Navarro García, and José Arturo Morales Acevedo at the Research and Advanced Studies Center of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico (Cinvestav) in Mexico City.


The objective of the visit was to present ICSU’s work, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to learn about some of Cinvestav’s projects in order to identify potential synergies with ICSU ROLAC’s scientific priority areas sustainable energy, natural hazards, biodiversity and mathematics education. The visit included a tour through several of Cinvestav's research centers.

In the center for research on sustainable energy the Director of the Regional Office had the opportunity to exchange with researchers working on solar energy. He appreciated Cinvestav's professional equipment and its project development plans. The Regional Director was also invited to the center for research on biochemistry and had the opportunity to learn about Cinvestav's latest developments in this area.

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