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The ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is a regional arm of a global organisation.  We are excited about the migration of our regional website to the global ICSU website.  Not only does it promise more efficiency and more functionality for us, and you, most importantly it clearly links us to the whole ICSU community.  As science is inherently global, we look forward to using this new website to improve our communications with each other in our region and with our colleagues worldwide.

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Latest news: Regional Office for Asia and Pacific

Chair RCAP presents achievements of ROAP at 31st GA
Chair RCAP presents achievements of ROAP at 31st GA
Sep 03, 2014 Chair ICSU Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific reports to ICSU General Assembly which was held in Auckland, New Zealand from 31 August to 3 September 2014.
LATEST: Psychological Intervention After Disasters (PIAD) Mar 19, 2015
Report of PIAD workshop in Mianyang, China now available
Our deepest condolences Mar 19, 2015
The ICSU-ROAP office offer their deepest condolences to the Ni-Vanuatu
Urban Health and Wellbeing Regional Science Committee meets in KL Mar 09, 2015
ROAP Regional Science Committee on Urban Health and Wellbeing meets in Kuala Lumpur
2nd SIMSEA Japan Workshop Feb 28, 2015
Center for International Collaboration, AORI of the University of Tokyo and Application Lab of JAMSTEC will host 2nd SIMSEA Japan workshop on 9 March 2015
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