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ICSU ROAP Annual Report 2007

ICSU ROAP Annual Report 2007

The ICSU ROAP science planning groups on natural and humaninduced environmental hazards and disasters, and on ecosystems have been established. The groups began in the middle of the year the process of preparing the science plans that will guide the work of ROAP. They are expected to be ready in 2008. A draft plan relating to hazards and disasters, and an outline plan for work on ecosystems were presented to the 2nd ICSU Regional Consultation in Chiang Mai in November 2007. The Consultation was hosted by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and was attended by 60 participants representing ICSU National Members, Unions and Interdisciplinary Bodies, especially those from Asia and the Pacific. Leading scientists from Thailand also attended the consultation. It also deliberated on possible directions of work on sustainable energy in Asia and the Pacific. Members have been requested to nominate candidates for the proposed ROAP Science Planning Group on Sustainable Energy that will begin work in 2008.

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