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Proposed Projects on Health and Human Well-being

ICSU Regional Office for Africa produced and disseminated its Sciene Plan on Health and Human Well-being and projects were also identified.

ICSU ROA produced and distributed its Science Plan on Health and Human Well-being in sub-Saharan Africa, this plan was well received by the scientific community

Most African communities perpertuate in abject poverty. Most scientific and political discussions in recent times empasize on poverty reduction but this cannot be achieved in a community faced with a huge burden of disease, compounded by hunger and mulnutrition.

Diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB, Cholera, measles and other infectious diseases have perpertuated in Africa and keep re-emerging despite numerous programmes and efforts to combat them. Changing liffestyles have also resulted in increasing cases of cardiovasculat diseases and diabetes while malnutrition continues to take its toll, especially on Children.

Food Production in Africa continues to decline, partly due to increasing land degradation and climate change, but also as a result of lack of capital for investment in more productive technologies. Water and sanitation are increasingly threathening lives in Africa. Most African countries do not have access to clean and safe water, and many more have very poor sowerage desposal system.

To address these challenges ICSU ROA have developed the following projects from its science plan on Health and Human Well-being.

Project WB01: HIV/AIDS and Public Health 

Project WB02: Modern biomedicine, traditional medicine and indegionous knowledge systems

Project WB03: Food and Nutrition Security

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