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Proposed Projects on Global Environmental Change

Global Environmental Change is a natural phenomenon and a contemporary problem that is affecting all nations directl or indirectly. One of the greatest challenges facing African nations is probably that of adaptation to the inter-laced consequences of global environmental changes. The continent is particularly victimised by rapid changes in land use and land cover, temperature and rainfall patterns (due to climate change), atmospheric composition, as well as coastal and marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

The impact of climate change, especially on rainfall regimes, afffects food production systems and other ecosystem services essential for human well-being. While atmospheric constituents are known to affect human health, they also affect Earth's climate by alterating the radiation budget, modifying the cloud microphysics and cloud lifetime. These environmental changes compromise livelihoods by constraining resources in poorer communities, and by affecting tourism and other natural resource-based economic activities

To address the challenges of global environmental change in sub-Saharan Africa, ICSU ROA has propoesed the following six projects for which detailed proposals have been prepared.


GC01: Land degradation, biodiversity loss and human well-being

GC02: Climate change and its impact on rainfalls

GC03: Resillience of food systems

GC04: Water resorces and their governance

GC05: Atmospheric composition change

GC06: Africa's oceanographic uniqueness

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