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Proposed Projects on Sustainable Energy

ICSU Regional Office for Africa produced and distributed its Science Plan on Sustainable Energy in sub-Saharan Africa. This Science Plan was compiled by experts on Energy in Africa and published by ICSU ROA.

Presently, the major energy resources in Africa include oil, gas, coal, nuclear and hydro-power. Other potential energy resorces on the continent include bio-energys, solar, wind, geothemal, ocean currents and tidal waves. Despite the enormous energy potential in sub-Saharan Africa, about 75% of its polulation has no access to electricity. Energy being essential for poverty reduction on the continent, ICSU ROA has developed two projects to address this challenge.

Project SE01: Development of Energy models and scenarios


Project SE02: Increase in access to high quality, reliable and affordable energy in a sustainable manner: Renewable Energies - Bio-energies


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