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Regional Committee for Africa

The composition of ICSU Regional Office for Africa, which will serve for the next three years.


Name & Surname







Dr Cherkaoui EL Moursli North Africa (Morocco) Physics and Nuclear Energy
Prof Ines Raimundo Southern Africa (Mozambique) Migration and Urban Studies, Food security, Gender, HIV
Associate Prof Francine Ntoumi Central Africa (Congo) Health Research, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis
Dr Benjamin Lamptey West Africa (Ghana) Geosciences
Prof J-A Ndione West Africa (Senegal) Climatology
Prof Samuel Ayonghe Central Africa (Cameroon) Geology
Dr Joseph Kanyanga Southern Africa (Zambia) Meteorology
Prof Babatunde Samuel Agbola West Africa (Nigeria) Urban and Regional Planning
Dr Heide Hackmann Executive Director ICSU  (France)
Dr Daniel Nyanganyura Acting Regional Director ICSU ROA (South Africa)

Prof Cheryl de la Rey


Prof Roseanne Diab, ASSAf representative


ICSU Executive Board Liaison (South Africa)

Executive Officer ASSAf, Host  Representative  (South Africa)

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