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The International Council for Science is pleased to extend an invitation to its National Scientific Members, International Scientific Union Members, Scientific Associates and Interdisciplinary Bodies (IBs) to attend its Extraordinary General Assembly on 24 October 2016, as part of a joint General Assembly with the International Social Science Council (ISSC). This event is hosted by the Research Council of Norway, a member of the ISSC.

The Extraordinary General Assembly is convened in the context of discussions regarding the future relationship between ICSU and the ISSC, following the recommendation of the respective executive bodies to merge the two organisations. Members of ICSU and of ISSC will be asked to vote whether they agree in principle with the recommendation to merge the two organisations and to appoint a task force that will develop the transition plan in case of agreement by both sides to pursue the merger. ICSU Membership will also vote on the extension of the mandate of the ICSU Executive Board by one year, to October 2018.

For more background information on this important decision, please read these materials.

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