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Science assessments & integrity

Following up its co-sponsoring of the World Conferences on Research Integrity since 2007 and a workshop it co-organised with Chinese counterparts in 2014, CFRS developed an initiative to consider the systemic link between science assessments and research integrity.

See article in Chemistry International

Symposium "Research assessment and quality in science: perspectives from international science and policy organisations", Rio de Janeiro, 2015

This symposium at the World Conference on Research Integrity brought together speakers from higher education, government and policy organisation, a national context and a young scientists organisation, to consider the impact of different assessment systems on science quality and research integrity from their perspective (news item, 15 June 2015). The purpose was to take the discussion at 2014 workshop in Beijing on the functioning of different assessment systems a step further and to explore their implications, intending to generate discussion on important questions of how to structure systems to promote research integrity.

The ICSU Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in Science is developing a discussion paper that explores the issues highlighted in this invited symposium.

  • Programme and abstracts of presentations (PDF)
  • Presentations

- Ellen Hazelkorn, Policy Advisor to the Higher Education Authority in Ireland / Higher Education Policy Research Unit at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland: Challenges for science and the problems of assessing research (Slides, Audio)

-Carthage Smith, Global Science Forum at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD, France: Research assessment and science policy development (Slides)

- Robert H. McLaughlin, Manager in the Office of Research Integrity, University of Cape Town, South Africa: Research integrity in South Africa: the value of procedures and processes to global positioning (Slides, Audio)

- Tatiana Duque Martins, Global Young Academy GYA / Federal University of Goiás, Brazil: Rewards, careers and integrity: perspectives of young scientists from around the world (Slides, Audio)

Workshop "Science assessment and research integrity", Beijing, 2014

Attended by some 60 scientists, this workshop explored different research assessment methods, focusing on China, Brazil and South Africa as emerging and rapidly developing science systems. The discussion centring on the limitations of metrics and on the ways in which they could be refined or used differently to improve incentives for ethical research behaviour, it became evident that this would remain a core challenge for the scientific community at a time when both the role of science in society and the environment it is conducted in is changing rapidly.

  • Programme (PDF)
  • Presentations
    • Keynotes
      - Zhang Yaping, Vice-President of CAS: Overview of the science system in China: challenges and opportunities (Slides)
      - Yang Wei, President of the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Science assessment and research integrity (Slides)
    • Session 1: Science assessment experiences in rapidly developing science systems
      - Paulo Beirão, former Director at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, Brazil: Promoting rigor and integrity in scientific research: the important role of funding agencies (Slides)
      - Mu Rongping, Director-General of the CAS Institute of Policy and Management: Scientific evaluation of CAS research institutions: evolution of value orientation
      - Michael Kahn, Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa: Research evaluation: the quest for maximum impact (Slides)
    • Session 2: Impact of science assessments on research integrity
      -  Cheng Ying, Executive Director of the Center for World-Class Universities at the Graduate School of Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Science assessment and international institutional rankings (Slides)
      - Li Ding, Director General of the Bureau of Supervision and Auditing of CAS: Universities assessment and research integrity (Slides)
      - Ashima Anand, member of ICSU CFRS: Science assessment and its influence on research integrity (Slides)
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