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Freedom of Movement and Association

The Principle of Universality of Science entails the freedom of movement and of association. Accordingly, international scientific meetings arranged or sponsored by ICSU itself or its Membership must be free from discrimination against attendees. This implies rights and responsibilities on the part of both organisers of and participants in such international scientific meetings.

International scientific meetings & visas

CFRS  developed recommendations to assist organisers and participants in international scientific meetings to help avoid difficulties and improve the chances of a positive resolution, especially when visa problems do occur »»

An article on this subject was published by ICSU office bearers in Nature in 2004 (PDF)

Boycott calls

In applying the Principle of Universality, ICSU opposes calls for boycotts, such as, for example, concerning meetings hosted in the Middle East or North Africa, or with a focus on that region »»

The Chair of CFRS addressed this issue in contributions to Nature in 2009 (PDF)  and 2007 (PDF)

Security vetting

Also related to the free movement of scientists, ICSU expressed concern about the implications of security vetting procedures in various parts of the world by writing to its Membership and Regional Offices in 2009 (PDF)

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