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Natural Hazards and Risk

The Steering Group is established to promote the scientific study of natural hazards and risk for the benefit of sustainability and human resilience in the Asia – Pacific region.

The Terms of Reference for the Steering Group is as follows:

  • To promote the scientific study of natural hazards and risk for the benefit of sustainability and human resilience in the Asia – Pacific region
  • To identify opportunities for research funding and agencies that can support the implementation of ICSU ROAP science plans on hazards and disasters
  • To advise ICSU ROAP on any other action that might be appropriate in order to facilitate a regional approach to the research on hazards and risk


In undertaking these responsibilities the Steering Group shall collectively:

  • meet twice a year, to review progress in the development and implementation of the initiatives and to advise ICSU ROAP on the scientific developments which should be initiated or undertaken between meetings;
  • annually monitor and review progress
  • consider such other matters that individual members bring to the attention of the Steering Group for consideration.

Members of the Steering Group serve in their individual capacities and are expected to:

  • attend the meetings of the Steering Group
  • provide the best possible scientific information and advice concerning their field of specialization as it relates to the goals of ICSU
  • actively promote and represent the scientific interests of the Steering Group at relevant  meetings


Members of the Steering Group consist of:

Prof James TERRY (Chair)

College of Sustainability Sciences & Humanities

Zayed University

P.O. Box 19282 Dubai


Tel: + 971 4 402 1744

Email: james.terry@zu.ac.ae


Prof James GOFF

Leader – Tsunami and Natural Hazards Research Group

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

UNSW Australia, Sydney 2052


Tel: +612 9385 8431

Email: j.goff@unsw.edu.au


Prof Jianxin ZHANG

Institute of Psychology

#A4, DaTun Road,

BeiShaTan, ChaoYang District,

Beijing 100101 CHINA

Tel: (+86 13) 910192526

Fax: (+ 86 10) 64872070

Email: zhangjx@psych.ac.cn


Dr Kruawun JANKAEW

Department of Geology,

Faculty of Science,

Chulalongkorn University,

Phatumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: (66) 02 2185449

Fax: (66) 02 2185464

Email: kruawun.j@chula.ac.th



Asia – Pacific Regional Head

Catastrophe Management

SCOR Reinsurance Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

12 Marina View, #25-03 Asia Square Tower 2

Singapore 018961

Email:  nwinspear@scor.com


Senior Advisor


Willis Singapore

6 Battery Road #06-01/02,

Singapore 049909

Tel: +65 6591 8000

Email: richard.sanders@WillisTowersWatson.com


Ex Officio

Prof Emeritus Mohd Nordin HASAN


ICSU Regional Office for Asia & Pacific

902-4, Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: +603-26949898 / Fax: +603-26945858

Email: nordin.hasan@icsu-asia-pacific.org


The focus areas are:

  1. Assessment of multihazards and risk in Asia – Pacific region
    1. Tectonic hazards
    2. Climatic hazards
    3. Integrated drainage basin-wide studies (catchment to coast)
  2. Establishing the frequency, severity and impacts of natural hazards for vulnerable societies and critical infrastructure
    1. Low lying deltas
    2. Past high energy marine inundation events
    3. Extreme floods
    4. Landslides
    5. Drought
    6. Vulnerable urban communities
  3. Wide area perils (tsunami, earthquake, volcanic ash fall)
  4. Special vulnerability of islands especially Small Islands Developing States (SIDS)
  5. Consequences of global climate change


The brochure for the Steering Group is available here.


Below is the list of relevant research articles:

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