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Annual Report 2011

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Annual Report 2011 of the ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Message From the Director

This year marks another milestone in the history of ICSU. The agreement between the Government of Malaysia and ICSU for hosting the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) signed in September 2006 came to its conclusion after five years. Negotiations for a supplementary agreement to continue the hosting arrangements for another five years have been successfully concluded. This will enable the Regional Office to continue working based at the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, with full support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, until September 2016. We thank the host government and the Academy for their support.

The year has been filled with many of the usual governance and planning meetings and workshops. The role of ROAP in spearheading the series of ICSU-UNESCO Rio+20 Science and Technology Workshops in April, was a significant contribution to the development of the Rio+20 process in all the regions of the world. These workshops ensure participation of the scientific community in the Rio+20 process, and will help ensure that the voice of the scientific community is heard in UNCSD in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.

The other major contribution of ROAP to the scientific community in Asia and the Pacific this year has been the 22nd Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur in June. The Congress was attended by almost 800 scientists from 48 countries and more than 250 scientists gave presentations. In addition, 46 symposia and 2 workshops were organised as part of the Congress. ROAP organised a symposium on The Health Challenges of Urbanization in the Asia-Pacific Region to highlight research needs to address the urban health challenge in a more holistic way using the systems approach. The ROAP science plan on Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment was launched at the symposium by Professor Zakri Hamid, the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and ICSU Executive Board Member who is also a member of the ICSU Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific.

Committee members Ali Moosavi-Movahedi, Jaime Montoya and Zakri Hamid rotate off the Committee at the end of the year as does Bruce McKellar, the Chair of the Committee. I thank them for their contributions to ICSU ROAP and wish them all the best. I also thank the staff of ROAP for their excellent work during the year.

Mohd Nordin Hasan

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