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Featured News

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ICSU ROAP Annual Report 2015 News Item
Universiti Malaysia Sabah launches SIMSEA research group News Item
Regional Committee meets in Chiangrai News Item
Future Earth China co-design symposium News Item
Urban health pilot project secures funding News Item
4th International Workshop on Psychological Intervention After Disasters News Item
19th meeting ICSU Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific News Item
Call for proposals: Mountains as sentinels of change News Item
Regional symposium on marginal seas News Item
Chair RCAP presents achievements of ROAP at 31st GA News Item
Regional Committee will meet in Auckland News Item
Asia-Pacific Civil Society Forum on Sustainable Development and Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development News Item
17th Meeting Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific News Item
MAIRS 2014 Open Science Conference in Beijing News Item
ISSC launches new global research funding News Item
ROAP organises pre-scoping workshop on SIMSEA News Item
ICSU President inaugurates 50th Annual Convention of Indian Geophysical Union News Item
Regional Committee for Asia and the Pacific meets in Seoul back-to-back with the 5th ICSU Regional Consultation in Asia and the Pacific News Item
Up-coming 16th Meeting of RCAP and 5th Regional Consultation News Item
Workshop on Psychological Intervention after Disasters News Item
Future Earth in China News Item
Sri Lanka Coordinating Workshop on Future Earth News Item
ISIS Malaysia and ICSU ROAP Future Earth Roundtable News Item
Pre-scoping Workshop on Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment News Item
Enhancing Impact of Science on Policies News Item
File Pre-scoping Report File
File CA Workshop File
File IUPsyS wshop report PDF File
File OECD Global Science Forum (GSF) Singapore 18 – 19 March 2013 File
Symposium on Urban Health and Wellbeing News Item
ROAP forges close ties with APL-JAMSTEC News Item
File Programme File
File Futureearthprogrammeforworkshopnew2.docx File
File Mark Stafford Smith welcome remarks File
File Future Earth Asia perspectives by Nordin Hasan File
File Future Earth Asia perspectives by Nordin Hasan File
File 130917IntroductiontoFutureEarth_hndtHeinzGutscher.pdf File
File CallforApplicationsIUPSYSPIAD22013.pdf File
File DraftprogramPIAD22013.pdf File
File 2012asiapacificworkshopreport.pdf File
File 5thRegCon_programme_v.2.pdf File
File Final Consultation Programme File
File copy_of_5thRegCon_programme_26112013FINAL.docx File
File 5thRegCon_programme_26112013FINAL.pdf File
File copy_of_5thRegCon_programme_26112013FINAL.pdf File
File Programme Regional Consultation File
File copy3_of_5thRegCon_programme_26112013FINAL.pdf File
File Yasunari presentatiom File
File Nordin Presentation File
File Anne-Sophie Presentation File
File Hongkum Lee presentation File
File Rorie Edmunds presentation File
File Wu Guoxiong presentation File
File Arthur Chen presentation File
File Sukanta Roy presentation File
File Break-out 1a File
File group1b_discussion.pdf File
File Break-out a File
File Break-out 2b File
File Yamagata presentation File
File Nordin presentation b File
File Bythell presentation File
File List of presentations IGU 50 Convention File
File Corrected list of presentations IGU 50 File
File Draft Programme SIMSEA File
81st General Membership Assembly of NRCP News Item
File Manton on MAIRS File
File MAIRS OSC 2014 conclusions File
File MAIRS OSC 2014 Conclusions File
International Workshop on Open Data for Science and Sustainability in Developing Countries News Item
File ROAP report to GA31 File
File ROAP report to GA31 File
File Chair GA Presentation File
File Mountains as sentinels File
File copy_of_Mountain_CRA_Call_for_Proposals_FINAL.pdf File
File PIAD 2015 Announcement File
File PIAD 2015 Application form File
3rd meeting SIMSEA Steering Committee News Item
File Ann Rep 2015 File
File Program_25thKASTInternationalSymposium.pdf File
File Future Earth Korea launch File
Korea launches Future Earth News Item
President of International Council fo Science attends RCAP-21 News Item
File Nat Com Fut Earth Korea File
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