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ROAP Science Plannng Group on Epigenetics

ICSU ROAP Science Planning Group on epigenetics meet in Kuala Lumpur
ROAP Science Plannng Group on Epigenetics

L to R: Sukiman (observer); Prabhat, Patrick, Marie-Isabel, Roger, Javed (Chair), Nordin (Ex-officio), Sharizad (Science Officer)

The newly constituted ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICSU ROAP) Science Planning Group on Epigenetics (SPGE) met in Kuala Lumpur on 10 and 11 October 2016 to develop a science plan on epigenetics and its relations to urban health in Asia and the Pacific. The Plan will review the epigenetic landscape in urban health, document what is known about triggers and epigenetic modifications, identify emerging research areas, including research on genetic products change, biochemical pathways and their relations to diseases in rapidly expanding urban populations. How knowledge of epigenetics can impact disease risk assessments, influence urban planning, public health and other policies, will be explained. The plan also envisages to draw attention to the use of epigenetic knowledge to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets, and provide illustrative case studies of relevance to the further development of the field in Asia and the Pacific. We wish the SPGE every success in its endeavour to strengthen research on epigenetics in the region.

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