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The ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific is a regional arm of a global organisation.  We are excited about the migration of our regional website to the global ICSU website.  Not only does it promise more efficiency and more functionality for us, and you, most importantly it clearly links us to the whole ICSU community.  As science is inherently global, we look forward to using this new website to improve our communications with each other in our region and with our colleagues worldwide.

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Latest news: Regional Office for Asia and Pacific

MAIRS 2014 Open Science Conference in Beijing
MAIRS 2014 Open Science Conference in Beijing
Apr 06, 2014 The Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS) Open Science Conference commences in Beijing China.
ISSC launches new global research funding Apr 01, 2014
Transformations to Sustainability is a new global research funding programme, launched on 31 March 2014.
81st General Membership Assembly of NRCP Mar 18, 2014
The National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) will hold its 81st General Membership Assembly on 26 and 27 March 2014
International Congress of Mathematicians, Seoul, Korea 13 - 21 August 2014 Mar 14, 2014
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