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The ICSU Regional Office for Africa welcomes you to the new, integrated website. It is indeed a giant leap, but also liberating in a sense that (i) it reflects ICSU with decentralisation to regions to ensure more appropriate application of science closer to societal level (ii) it puts the ownership of and responsibility for content in the hands of the generators of that content. The website is currently a work in progress, but please watch this space as it develops into a comprehensive informative tool for the ICSU family and its stakeholders.

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Latest news: Regional Office for Africa

ICSU ROA Director Appointed
ICSU ROA Director Appointed
Mar 01, 2017 Dr Daniel Nyanganyura has been appointed as the Regional Director of International Council for Science (ICSU) Regional Office for Africa (ROA) with effect from 23 February 2017. Dr Nyanganyura has been with ICSU ROA since August 2008 as a Programme Specialist in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Sciences. Since July 2016, he has acted in the capacity of Regional Director of the Office. He holds a Doctorate in Atmospheric Physics, MSc in Agricultural Meteorology, and BSc 4th Year Honour in Physics (all from the University of Zimbabwe); as well as a Licentiate Degree in Education in the Specialty of Physics and Astronomy from Enrique José Varona Higher Pedagogical Institute, Havana, Cuba.
Call for pre-proposals: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goal 11 in Africa Mar 03, 2017
A five-year programme of the International Council for Science (ICSU), implemented in partnership with the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC), that aims to generate solutions-oriented knowledge required to address complex sustainability challenges in Africa and to increase participation of the African scientific community in the global research programme Future Earth, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk, and Health and Wellbeing in the challenge Urban Environment.
Science Plans Scoping Workshop Mar 01, 2017
In conjunction with the Scientific Research Association of Mozambique (AICIMO), ICSU Regional Office for Africa (ROA) organised a 2-day Science Plans Scoping Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique on 08 – 09 February, 2017. The workshop was officially opened by the Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, Higher and Technical Vocational Education of the Republic of Mozambique, Prof Jorge Nhambiu.
3rd African Science Plans Steering Committee Meeting Feb 22, 2017
The African Science Plans Steering Committee (ASPSC) held its 3rd Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, on 7 February 2017. At this meeting that was attended by most of the Committee members, they deliberated on the issues around and gave inputs towards the finalisation of the revision process of the ICSU ROA African Science Plans as well as the roll out of project from these documents. The Committee explored avenues to identify potential expertise and knowledge systems to advance the implementation of the Science Plans while tapping into the expertise of consortia members as well as other scientists within and outside the region. The Committee proposed ways to develop and roll out detailed and concise project proposals targeting specific identified funding agencies.
Mid-ICSU General Assembly African Meeting Jun 15, 2016
Representatives of fourteen African National Members and eleven International Scientific Unions of ICSU participated in a 2-day Mid-ICSU General Assembly African Meeting in Benoni near Johannesburg, South Africa from 2-3 June, 2016.
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