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Mid-ICSU General Assembly African Meeting

Representatives of fourteen African National Members and eleven International Scientific Unions of ICSU participated in a 2-day Mid-ICSU General Assembly African Meeting in Benoni near Johannesburg, South Africa from 2-3 June, 2016.
Mid-ICSU General Assembly African Meeting

Some of the meeting participants

This meeting, organised by the ICSU Regional Office for Africa was intended to afford participants the opportunity to receive a report on the activities of the Regional Office since the last meeting in June 2014, to discuss issues of concern to the ICSU community in general on the continent, reflect on the last General Assembly, and most of all, strategize for African member's role at the next General Assembly scheduled for 19-27 October, 2017 in Taipei. Participants were also updated on issues related to the activities of Future Earth in Africa.

There were very frank and passionate discussions on the agenda items, culminating into the passing of several resolutions to be shared with relevant concerned bodies.

A representative of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme also attended the meeting to apprise participants onĀ DRR issues being spearheaded by the IRDR in Africa. The new host of ICSU ROA, the Academy of Science of South Africa was also represented at the meeting.

The report of the meeting is being finalised.

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