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Call for nominations IRDR Scientific Committee Membership

ICSU ROAP encourages all members in the Asia and the Pacific region to send nominations for IRDR Scientific Committee.

The ICSU international programme on Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) is inviting international organizations, institutions and academies with experience in disaster risk reduction, members of scientific community, IRDR sponsors and partners to nominate candidates for the IRDR Scientific Committee.

The IRDR Programme is governed by a 15-Member Scientific Committee (SC). The SC is comprised of disaster risk reduction experts from around the world. Members are chosen on the basis of their scientific specialty as well as to ensure geographical and demographic balance, and represents a broad spectrum of disciplines in the natural, social and engineering sciences.

Based on the current committee IRDR have identified the following areas of need:

  • Social scientists, seismologist, volcanologist, meteorologist, disaster risk managers
  • Representatives from Latin America, Africa, Middle East/Arab States
  • Female candidates are encouraged


Responsibilities of IRDR SC Members:

  • To define, develop and prioritize plans of IRDR
  • To establish and maintain a mechanism for oversight of the Programme activities
  • To publicize and promote the IRDR findings
  • To assure and facilitate cooperation and integration with relevant national, regional and international programmes, organizations and institutions actively involved in disaster management
  • To adopt and apply guidance for establishment of IRDR initiatives in national or regional levels, such as IRDR National Committees (IRDR NC), IRDR International Centres of Excellence (ICoE)
  • To mobilize funds for the implementation of IRDR and its related activities of SC and Working Groups (WGs)

Nomination Procedure

The process will follow the following steps:

1. All nominating bodies are requested to submit a completed CV template to the IRDR International Programme Office (IPO) via yaoying.cheng@irdrinternational.org by 31 January 2012.

Exceptionally, proposals may be accepted from interested individuals who feel they have the qualities and experience to serve on IRDR SC. In this case a cover letter should be addressed to the Chair IRDR SC, Sálvano Briceño stating your vision for IRDR, your potential contribution and how your membership will impact on the goals and objectives of the Programme.

2. IRDR SC will review all materials and make a short list of potential nominees which will be submitted to the IRDR Co-Sponsors.

3. The IRDR Co-sponsors will examine the nominations and decide upon the individuals to serve on the Committee.

4. The Chair of IRDR SC will invite the successful nominees to join the Committee. The 3-year term as the new IRDR SC Member will commence from April/May of 2012



For further information contact the IRDR IPO through:

Ms.Yaoying Cheng

Science Officer
Tel: + 86 10 8217 8917 (direct)

Fax: + 86 10 8217 8913

Email: yaoying.cheng@irdrinternational.org

Web: www.irdrinternational.org

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