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The ICSU website

Welcome to the new website for the International Council for Science (ICSU). We’ve made major improvements to the design and navigation to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

We welcome your comments on the design, content, functionality and accessibility of our new website.

New menu structure

The website is divided into four main sections. ‘About ICSU’ and the ‘News centre’ use tradition navigation to order the content. ‘What we do’ and ‘Publications’ are dynamic sections with no navigation levels. You can use the tag cloud or drop down menus in these sections to search or filter for content, or click on one of the buttons on the left to filter using a preset search.

ICSU’s ‘Online community’

ICSU is developing an ‘Online community’, which will allow community members to keep up to date with what ICSU is doing. It will also allow ICSU to contact members, for example to invite comments on particular content or documents on the website.

Please note: joining the 'Online community' is for individuals and does not constitute becoming a Member of ICSU. Membership to ICSU is open to organisations that meet the criteria as set out in the Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

ICSU’s Members and Interdisciplinary Bodies

ICSU’s Members and Interdisciplinary Bodies can log in to the website to access the Member Zone and e-directory. The Member Zone has been revamped and now makes it clear which documents are open for consultation with ICSU Members and Bodies. Through the Member Zone, Members will also have access to online forms to provide nominations for ICSU committees.

'Insight' newsletter

ICSU's 'Insight' newsletter has been revamped to keep you up to date with our global and regional activities, our latest publications, consultations with the ICSU family, applications and nominations, and events from our Members. To subscribe: complete the newsletter subscription on the lower left of the screen. If you wish to unsubscribe, there will be a link at the bottom of the newsletter when you open it from within your email.

Functions and features

Events calendar

A calendar highlighting major events from our Members, Interdisciplinary Bodies and partner organisations, as well as ICSU-organised meetings and events. Currently, only ICSU Members and Interdisciplinary Bodies can post events. Please note: All events will be reviewed before they are published on the website.


Website visitors can rate selected content on the website.

Scrolling homepage banner images

The banner image on the homepage will scroll through a gallery of images. Many of these images will highlight major events from ICSU Members and Interdisciplinary Bodies. If you would like to use this space to promote your event, please contact the ICSU Communications Officer.

Customisable dashboard for members of the ‘Online community’

Registered members of the ‘Online community’ can customise their dashboard—a personal space through which they interact with the ICSU website.

To customise your dashboard:

  • Log in to the ICSU website
  • Click on the ‘dashboard’ button (in the ‘Online community’ portlet on the lower left side of the screen) or click on your user name (on the right side under the banner image)
  • You will see some preset portlets, which you cannot change, but you can add others by clicking on the tab ‘edit’
  • Choose a portlet from the drop down menus in any of the four columns (if prompted, confirm the default settings by clicking ‘save’)
  • View your dashboard by clicking on the tab ‘dashboard’

Note: in ‘edit’ you can change the order of the portlets in a column by clicking on the blue arrows. To delete a portlet click on the red cross


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