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ICSU’s principal source of ‘core’ income is dues from Members and a subvention from the host country France. The other major sources of income are grants from various organizations and foundations. The General Assembly approves draft budgets for the next triennium upon proposals received from the Executive Board, which is charged with finalizing the annual budgets. After consideration by the Committee on Finance and the Executive Board, the audited annual accounts are sent to all Members for approval. The ICSU Regional Offices are mainly supported by their host countries, with some funding from ICSU and other sources.

Member Dues

Members Dues

Annual dues are paid in accordance with Statute 41: 'Each Member of ICSU shall pay annual dues within a scale determined by the General Assembly. Each International and Regional Scientific Associate shall pay annual dues determined by the General Assembly. National Associates pay no dues'.  The dues are based on the decision of the 30th General Assembly in 2011 and a new system of dues for National Members based on GDP and for Scientific Union Members based on their income from dues came into effect in 2012. Dues of International Associates are fixed at €500.

Financial Summary

International Council for Science (ICSU) for the period 1 January to 31 December 2012


Statement of income and expenditure



Membership dues

National Members

Scientific Unions

Scientific Associates

Provision Arrears






NSF support for WCRP 208,608
Grants from NSF 189,658
France 500,000
Other grants for IRDR, Rio+20 and Global Sustainability 1,187,726
Other income 55,022
Cancellation other provision 41,129
Investment income 18,596
Total income 4,759,022


Policy committees 376,792
Joint initiatives 1,118,608
ICSU Regional Offices 457,650
Grant Programme 260,000
Special initiatives 518,241
Governance meetings 573,170
Policy & administrative support 1,045,587
Contingency/Provision 50,303
Other expenses 1,217
Investment charges & losses* 36,068
Total expenditure 4,437,636
Net (income less expenditure) 321,386
*Including provision for unrealized losses on portfolio for a total amount of 41K€


Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet



Bank & cash balances              
Marketable securities 1,441,584
NSF & UNESCO, funds for IRDR & Rio+20 619,629
Other assets 448,140
Fixed assets 116,869
Total assets 5,678,706


External funds allocated 1,108,150
Sundry creditors & accruals 1,423,975
Provision/Retirement 415,954
Total liabilities 2,948,078


Mandatory reserve 1 500 000
General fund/Retained earnings 909,242
Total reserves 2,409,242



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